Global private equity fundraising

With offices in North America, Europe and Asia, Capstone Partners is a leading placement agent providing global fundraising and advisory services to private equity, credit, real assets and infrastructure firms around the world.

Capstone’s network of relationships reaches out to active investors worldwide, enabling our fund manager clients to raise more quality capital, at a faster pace while minimizing the impact on their own professional staff.

The prior experience of our senior management team as seasoned marketers for and investors in private equity funds allows Capstone to anticipate issues that are important to prospective investors. We will look to identify and draw upon the specific strengths of each client to differentiate and best position them for a successful fundraising outcome.

The powerful combination of proven success, global reach, expertise, commitment and independence provide our clients a decisive advantage when competing for limited institutional investor allocations.

Established in 2001, Capstone Partners has built a successful track record in raising capital for both established and emerging fund managers.

We have built a history of success alongside private equity and real estate firms operating across all types of strategies and geographies. Capstone has a demonstrated success in international placement of venture capital, growth equity, mezzanine, buyout, turnaround, distressed, opportunistic, real estate and secondary strategies.

A further measure of Capstone’s success is the number of repeat mandates awarded to us by clients, with each successive mandate serving as an opportunity to leverage the wealth of knowledge and investor relationships formed in prior efforts. This combination of continuity, trust and an intimate understanding of our clients can lead to highly targeted, more efficient fundraisings, demonstrating the value of long-term relationships.

Our ability to close on commitments in all market cycles requires a highly disciplined approach and total commitment to the success of our clients in each placement mandate.

Capstone’s extensive network of relationships extends to active private equity and real estate investors in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. These relationships cross all types of large institutional investors including public and private pension funds, insurance companies, funds of funds, banks, consultants, foundations, endowments, family offices, asset managers, and corporate balance sheet investors.

Capstone provides clients with valuable insight into investor objectives and future anticipated trends in investment strategy and asset allocation. Capstone is constantly in the market, reaching out to both established and new prospective investors in private equity and real estate. Our systematic coverage provides us with a global perspective driven by local investor knowledge.

Capstone provides clients with access to qualified investors worldwide, without placing a significant drain on internal resources and without unnecessary distraction from their core business of managing portfolio investments.

Each Capstone client benefits from a deep institutional expertise across all areas of fund formation, management and fundraising. Contributing to that institutional expertise are several senior team members that have worked as principal investors, investing in 100+ funds, 20+ secondary transactions and 40+ direct investments.

We draw upon this invaluable experience to make a critical evaluation of each client, allowing them to differentiate themselves from their peers and present information in a way which will satisfy the demands of sophisticated institutional investors.

Capstone has developed and refined a well structured staged process to fundraising, enabling our fund manager clients to optimize fundraising effectiveness, timing and efficiency.

Capstone’s knowledge of the investor universe allows us to target those investors most qualified for the specific objectives of each of our clients. Each mandate is different, with its own unique characteristics and objectives. At Capstone, we recognize this and seek to tailor to each mandate a highly qualified group of prospective investors who can become long-term investing partners in support of each of our clients.

Capstone has developed state-of-the-art systems and reporting to ensure optimal impact and proper coordination throughout the fundraising process. Our clients are able to track the execution of the fundraising process as it unfolds and play a pro-active role in its successful conclusion.

Capstone is fully committed to the success of our clients. Our reputation, track record and source of income are dependent on this success. We have no other business activities nor are we funded by an institutional balance sheet. This creates a powerful bond and sharing of values with our clients, motivating all parties to make that extra effort to complete a successful fundraise.

Given this level of commitment and dedication to the success of our clients, Capstone takes on only a limited number of placement mandates every year. Great care is taken to avoid overlapping or conflicting mandates, and we only take on a new client relationship if we are confident of success.

“Success breeds success” and, at Capstone, our aim is to develop long-term client relationships over multiple fundraises. Not all investors will commit to the first fundraise but by working proactively with our clients over the long-term, we will establish a clear and consistent message which should lead to future successes through an increasingly efficient and timely process.

Through the careful and patient selection of placement mandates, Capstone has built a reputation within the investor community of providing a diversified and well- balanced offering of high quality private equity and real estate funds. Investors therefore listen to us and are attentive to our client offerings.

Capstone Partners is owned entirely by members of the team. Fundraising is our only business and we are entirely dedicated to the successful completion of a limited number of placement mandates. Our business model only works with successful outcomes for our clients.

Each mandate represents both a significant allocation of Capstone resources and a substantial economic event, ensuring our full commitment and a total alignment of interests with our clients. We aim to raise capital from qualified investors, working with integrity and free from conflicts of interest typically driven by “synergies” with other business activities.